Rent Plastic Moving Boxes in Knoxville TN

Plastic totes are easier, greener and cheaper.

Excited about your new home, but not exactly jazzed about packing all of your stuff into cardboard moving boxes? Well, there’s a new service in Knoxville to help make your move easier and faster and the name says it all! Rent Plastic Moving Boxes (RPM Boxes for short) is a new locally owned Knoxville business that’s all about helping to make your move both easier and faster. It’s time to ditch the cardboard!

As their name implies, they rent out plastic moving totes that you fill with your belongings. That’s right, no more building moving boxes and taping them up only to have them crushed in the moving truck. Nope, RPM Boxes plastic moving totes can hold up to 50 pounds each and can be stacked with as much as 250 pounds on one tote (you can’t do that with regular cardboard!).

Depending on how you buy your moving boxes, RPM Boxes can actually be quite a bit cheaper than buying traditional boxes too. Even without considering the fact that RPM Boxes includes the use of a dolly with all of their moving packages, renting a set of 20 moving bins from RPM Boxes is 50% cheaper than buying a set of boxes from online services like ($49 versus $102). Plus, they will deliver and pick up the containers for free. How awesome is that?

While renting out totes has been a business for a number of years in larger cities like NYC, Chicago, & Los Angeles (and more recently in Nashville), RPM Boxes is the first of its kind in Knoxville. Even though they don’t have any direct competition locally, Rent Plastic Moving Boxes isn’t looking to be lackadaisical about their customer service. In fact, here’s what their owner, Frank Ramey told me:

“RPM Boxes is 100% focused on our clients and making sure their move is easier than ever before. From our easy to use online ordering, to our free delivery and pick up, to our flexible scheduling, we’re all about our clients. Our clients also love not having to fight with packing tape and report that they can pack up to 30% faster than they can with cardboard moving boxes.” – Frank Ramey, RPM Boxes

Final Thoughts

I think this is a great idea for anyone looking for an easier move to their new home. RPM Boxes hits the trifecta for being quicker, easier and cheaper compared to buying cardboard moving boxes. It’s one of those ideas that makes you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” If you have any questions for the Rent Plastic Moving Boxes team, you can always check out their website, email them at or call them at 865-269-6797.

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To celebrate their launch here in Knoxville, they are offering 10% off to the first 10 readers of my blog who use coupon code SWISHER10. If you’re moving soon, be sure to take them up on this offer so you can save even more money on your upcoming move!

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